Product>Red Liner Grey Acrylic Double Sided Tape

Product Name:Red Liner Grey Acrylic Double Sided Tape


Gray foamed acrylic with a special composition giving excellent all around bonding properties and unique characteristics that allows for very high performance in the most demanding of applications. The pressure sensitive acrylic composition provides for very good tack, excellent adhesion to variety of surfaces and high shear strength performance. Tape is carried on a RED, release coated polyethylene liner that is easily removed.


Grey acrylic foam tape, the thickness of 0.25/0.4 mm / 0.8/1.2/0.8/1.2
White acrylic foam tape, the thickness of 0.25/0.4/0.8/1.2/2.0 mm
Black acrylic foam tape, 0.64/0.8/1.1 mm thick
Mold material with white, red film, PET transparent from type membrane.


Acrylic tape has achieved successful applications in many areas, such as sheet metal curtain wall, glass curtain wall, elevator assembly, transportation market, the steam article car edging trim parts, electronic assembly line and so on.